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火爆赛事万博体育APP1.0精彩FABO中国“数制”工坊受邀参加美国旧金山 Maker Faire,以下是工坊 Saverio Silli老师体育赛事直播app推荐本次活动过程的分享~

Maker Faire is an event that gathers tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators,tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists, students, and commercial exhibitors. All of these “makers” come to Maker Faire to show what they have made and to share what they have learned. Since the first edition in2006, the event grew with 191 Faires in 38 countries around the world and an increasing total of 1.400.000 attendees per year in 2016.

3Flagship, 155 independently-produced Mini and 33 Featured Maker Faires occurred around the world in 2016, including Tokyo, Rome, Detroit, Oslo and Shenzhen.

Maker Faire是一个聚集技术爱好者,手工艺人,教育家,修补匠,爱好者,工程师,作家,艺术家,学生和商业参展商的活动。 所有创客来到Maker Faire,展示他们的作品并分享他们所学到的东西。 自2006年以来,该活动的举办次数与人数不断增长。

2016年,Maker Faire参观人数增加到14万人次,并且在全球38个国家包括东京,罗马,底特律,奥斯陆和深圳等地举办了191场活动。其中有3个旗舰活动,155个独立的Mini和33个精选的Maker Faire。

Image 1: facts about MakerFaires in 2016

图1:Maker Faire 2016数据图

Image 2: Collage of 2017 Bay Area Maker Faire

图2:Maker Faire 2017的现场照片拼集

The latest edition of Maker Faire Bay Area took place on Friday May 19th to Sunday 21st. This event is one of the biggest organized by Make Magazine, three days dedicated to innovation,inventions, startups, STEAM education, art, fun, and everything that identifies with the Maker Culture. San Francisco's Bay is the place where many digital revolutions were designed and took place and is also home to America's most imaginative "do-it-yourself" spirit.

At Fablab O we all knew it would have been a great opportunity to visit this exhibtion, but... we wanted to be more than simple visitors!

Our Fab Academy student, J.Travis Russet, had just completed his Machine Design assignment called DishuBOT, a machine capable of painting calligraphy on the ground and we tought it would have been great to exhibit this project in Bay Area. The applications were closed months before, but we sent it to the Maker Faire organizers anyway,hoping for a positive response. The same day our application was accepted and even featured on the homepage of the Faire's website... yes we were going to San Francisco!

今年5月19日至21日,MakerFaire 在美国旧金山湾区举办。这是由Make杂志组织举办的最大的活动之一。在这三天里,参与者们致力于创新,创业,STEAM教育,艺术,乐趣以及与创客文化相关的一切。旧金山湾区是许多数字革命设计发生的地方,也是美国最富有想象力的地方。我们非常清楚地知道这是参观展览的好机会,但是我们并不想仅仅成为游客!

我们Fab学院的学生J.Travis Russet刚刚完成了他的机器设计作品“DishuBOT”,这是一个能够在地面上创作书法的机器,我们认为能在湾区展出这个项目是非常棒的。但是申请在几个月前关闭了,我们将它发送给了MakerFaire的组织者,希望得到回应。同一天,我们的申请被接受并且在展会网站的主页上显示了...是的,我们要去旧金山了!

Image 3: Fablab O Dishu Machine project was featured onMaker Faire homepage

图3:Fablab O Dishu 机器作品在Maker Faire的主页上出现

On Friday morning finding our boot was not easy, we didn't realize just how big and crowded the event center was and how many exhibitors were present at the Faire。Eventually we settle down our exhibition, including the latest FABO education projects, samples, stickers and the DishuBOT, programmed to paint the poetry "Drinking Wine" on bigrolls of paper. The weather was so hot, we could not use the brush and water because the water was drying too soon, but we thought ahead of this and prepared in advance an additional effector that could hold a black marker.

活动刚开始,我们发现我们之前没有意识到活动中心有多大以及有多少参展商在展会上出席。后来我们克服困难,安排了我们的展区,包括最新的FABO教育项目,样品,贴纸和DishuBOT。DishuBOT在一大张宣纸上写下编程好的诗词《饮酒》 。由于天气很热,水会很快蒸发,我们不能使用刷子和水。好在我们提前想到这一点,并准备了一个可以容纳记号笔的附加效应器。

Image 4: Ted Hung from Fablab Taipei visited our exhibition table

图4:Fablab台北的Ted Hung到访了展台

Image 5: The Dishu Machine painting the poetry"Drinking Wine" with the black marker


In three days 125.000 visitors from 49 countries around the world, 1200 maker's projects and 53 international maker's projects. The response from the visitor has been outstanding, fellow makers and professionals found the design very interesting and complimented us on the technical aspects, but also casual visitors, kids, mothers, boys and girls, people of all ages, they were enthusiast and stopped at our table, enchanted by the slow, rhythmic movements of theDishuBOT. Many of them were Chinese Americans, and they could read and even perform the poetry, like two young girls from Taiwan.

三天来,有来自全球49个国家的125,000名观众,1200个创客的项目和 53个国际创客的项目。来访者的反应很棒,同行的创客和专家发现我们的设计非常有趣,称赞我们技术过硬。前来的各个年龄段的游客都对这个机器很感兴趣,被DishuBOT有节奏的动作吸引住纷纷在我们的展区逗留。 其中许多美籍华人,比如两个来自台湾的女孩,会表演“人机诗句对话”

Image 6: Two young visitors from Taiwan performing the reading of the poetry


We also had the opportunity to participate to the traditional "Maker Mixer and Dinner", an evening networking event open to makers and exhibitor. We met makers from around the world and showed them the activities we conduct and the future plans of FABO, and we also met Dale Dougherty, founder and CEO of Make Media, with whom we had a nice talk about the importance of Shanghai as the city that will add "Designed in China" to "Made in China",a vision FABO keeps enduring.

我们还有幸参加了传统的“Maker Mixer and Dinner”,这是一个向创客和展商开放的夜间交流活动。我们见到了来自世界各地的创客,向他们展示了我们所从事的活动以及FABO未来的计划。同时还见到了Make Media的创始人兼首席执行官Dale Dougherty,我们向其讲述将“中国设计”加入“中国制造”是FABO的长久愿景,并对上海在这个过程中发挥的重要作用进行了深入的交流。

After three memorable days, while we were about to pack our stuff, we received the visit from one of the organizer of the Maker Faire, and she was so impressed by our projects that she awarded a "Best in Class" red ribbon to us! This was a great way to end another successful event for the FABO team!

经历了三天难忘的日子,我们开始收拾行李,这时我们受到了Maker Faire一个组织者的访问。她说她对我们的项目印象深刻,并给我们颁发了“最佳班级”的红丝带,为FABO团队此次活动画上了圆满的句号!

Image 8: Maker Faire organizer awarded uswith a "Best in Class" red ribbon on Sunday

图8:Maker Faire组织者周日授予我们“最佳班级”红丝带

供稿 | Saverio Silli

翻译 | 卢泽平

编辑 | 丁峻峰、睿妍

责编 | 徐徐